Keep your customers coming back

Leveraging AI to deliver ongoing personalized text-based buying incentives, directly to your best customers.

AI-Driven Engagement

Engaged Customers buy more and buy more often

Retexts utilizes AI to deliver ongoing personalized text-based buying incentives, directly to your best customers.

Seamless Customer Connection

Connect and stay connected with your best customers through personalized, one-to-one interactions.

Automated Incentives Delivery

Deliver ongoing, personally targeted text-based incentives automatically to engage customers effectively.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Seamlessly integrate with online ordering and payment processing to offer a smooth transaction experience.

Personalized Reward Program

Reward your customers with ongoing, personalized, and profitably predictable incentives for loyalty.

Our Innovative AI Model

Revolutionizing Customer Retention with AI - Retexts' Approach

How Our AI Delivers Tailored Ongoing Incentives

Trained on 100,000+ Promotional Offers

The AI technology predicts customer preferences and behaviours by learning from over a hundred thousand successful promotions.

Insights from Years of Data

Analyzes patterns in promotion titles, effective days, and optimal engagement times using extensive customer behaviour data.

Hyper-Targeted Promotions

Utilizes historical data to create highly targeted and relevant promotions for maximum effectiveness.

Customized Offers

Generates offers specifically tailored to different customer demographics, ensuring the highest impact of each promotion.

Instant Connect

Private 1-to-1 Connection

Personalized Promotions, Direct to Your Customer’s Pocket

With Retexts, there are no kiosks, no lines, no waiting...

In about 30 seconds, customers can enroll in your text-based promotions using their own phone

All you need is a sign (that we provide) at your point of sale

We provide you with a dedicated phone number and a sign-up code to display to customers. They simply text the code to the number, and you're connected.

Keep customers engaged with tailored promotional offers

Get AI recommended hyper-targeted & relevant promotions.

End to End managed for you

We will manage the setup and do continuous monitoring and tuning. Once setup, it’s totally automated.

Scheduled Promotions

A key part of Retexts’ managed service is delivering ongoing incentives to your entire customer base on a scheduled basis to continually drive sales.

Follow up on Activity

Send a pre configured followup promotion whenever a customer redeems a promotion.

Act on Customer Inactivity

Automatically re-engages inactive customers to incentivize their return

Create Urgency with reminders

Remind customers that one of their targeted promotions is due to expire and what they are missing about

Complete integration services & managed for you

Whether you utilize Retexts’ own online ordering system or your existing services, we offer seamless integration services

Order Online

Integrated Commission-free online ordering

Your online ordering system, your brand and your customers

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    Integrated 2-Way Text Messaging

    Facilitates direct communication between you and your customers, enriching the online ordering experience.

    Fully Automated System

    Streamlines order acceptance, scheduled availability, order completion, customer arrival time, location tracking, and delivery confirmation.

    Support for Contactless Services

    Offers comprehensive support for in-store, pickup, curbside, and delivery services, catering to all modes of contactless customer convenience.

    Free Menu Import and Maintenance

    Simplifies operations by importing and maintaining your existing menu at no extra cost.

    AI-powered user assistance

    Making life simple by managing the entire process for you